Pod Vets

After over 300 shows, these guys are serious professionals. A great concept to look back at movies turning 30. It’s fun to remember back and to see how they hold up after three decades. Not just for serious movie buffs. Subscribed

A Treasure of Nostalgia

These guys make immediately feel like you are there with them, discussing the movies we loved from 30 years ago. Insightful, funny, and relaxed; everything I want a podcast to be. Great work!

Entertaining look back, 30 years back!

Fun restrospective look back to the movies I grew up with!

Just a lot of fun

I started listening about a year ago and this podcast quickly became my favorite show. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one is my favorite. It hits the 80s and 90s nostalgia I love. It also makes me rethink my favorites while introducing movies I missed. The guys don’t take themselves too ser…

30th Anniversary special

30something celebrates all things cinema 30 years later retrospective. It’s a clever idea that ages with the show. The hosts are engaging and insightful, and their passion for movies comes through. Listen and give them a sub!

Great podcast covering movies that are 30 years old!

John and the guys do a great job of revisiting movies that are reaching their 30th birthday. I appreciate that they stay on topic and breakdown all the interesting aspects of each movie. They also keep the language clean so I can listen with my kids in the car. Fun, funny and interesting! Keep …

Nostalgia at its best

Such a well done show. Trip down memory lane without feeling like I was being pandered to. It is in my rotation list. Keep this going Dub from the I❤Geek podcast


A great pod about movies that are over 30 years old. They are very entertaining and crack me up. I enjoy the show and recommend it to everyone.