Jan. 24, 2023

453: "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" (May 7, 1993)


Dragon: The Bruce Lee Storyis a powerful and emotional depiction of martial arts legend Bruce Lee's life and legacy. Rob Cohen's film, starring Jason Scott Lee as Bruce, is a must-see for fans of both Lee and the martial arts genre.

The film's ability to capture the essence of Bruce Lee's philosophy and teachings is one of its greatest strengths. The film is a masterful tribute to the martial arts icon. We see a young Bruce being bullied and ridiculed because of his race and defending himself with wit, humor, and a strong roundhouse kick. From his humble beginnings to the creation of his own martial arts philosophy, to the final showdown between Bruce and his own personal demons.

Jason Scott Lee delivers an incredible performance as Bruce Lee, perfectly capturing the intensity and passion that made Lee such a beloved and influential figure, injecting funny moments that both send up and honor the tradition of martial arts films. The supporting cast is also strong, with Lauren Holly giving a particularly poignant performance as Bruce's wife Linda.

One of the film's most striking aspects is its stunning cinematography and fight choreography. The fight scenes are intense and expertly choreographed, providing a true sense of the physicality and power of martial arts. The film's visual style also effectively captures the cultural and historical context in which Lee lived and worked.

Overall,Dragon: The Bruce Lee Storyis a must-see for fans of martial arts and Bruce Lee. It is a powerful and emotional tribute to one of the greatest martial artists of all time and a fitting celebration of his life and legacy.

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